Mass Grave Uncovered in Kirkuk Governorate, Dating Back to ISIS Era

Security services in Kirkuk Governorate made a grim discovery on Tuesday, unearthing a mass grave believed to contain the remains of individuals who perished during the period of ISIS control over the region.

According to a security source, the mass grave was found within the Al-Baghara base in Kirkuk Governorate.

Preliminary information suggests that the cemetery contains the remains of five individuals, but efforts are underway to determine if additional bodies are yet to be recovered.

The unearthing of mass graves serves as a chilling reminder of the atrocities committed by ISIS during its reign of terror in the region. Such discoveries contribute to the ongoing efforts to uncover the truth, bring justice to the victims, and provide closure to their families.

Authorities are expected to continue their meticulous work searching for and documenting any additional mass graves in the area. They strive to shed light on the dark chapter in Kirkuk’s history and ensure accountability for the crimes committed.

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