Panic grips Israeli regime, settlers as Gaza resistance rains down rockets on Tel Aviv (Videos)

Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza have fired a barrage of rockets towards Israeli cities in retaliation for the regime’s raids on the besieged coastal enclave, hitting targets as far as Tel Aviv.

According to Israeli media, at least 100 rockets were fired towards Tel Aviv and illegal Israeli settlements in a span of just one hour.

The al-Mayadeen television news network reported on Wednesday that Palestinian rockets had damaged a house in Tel Aviv.

Earlier, resistance factions fired rockets towards illegal settlements near Gaza, including Sderot.

Israeli hospitals announced that at least five settlers were hospitalized following the rocket fire, media reports say.

Dawood Shahab, an Islamic Jihad official, said the rockets were fired in response to Israel’s intensified acts of aggression.

He warned that the Israeli cabinet is responsible for further intensification of tension.

The Wednesday launch comes a day after Israeli airstrikes killed at least 15, including three high-profile commanders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement.


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