Gazan martyred in Israeli drone strike; little boy tragically attains martyrdom of panic attack

A Palestinian man has been martyred in a fresh Israeli drone strike in the northern sector of the besieged Gaza Strip, raising the overall death toll to 31 on the third day of assassinations in the coastal enclave.

Palestinian official news agency Wafa, citing medical sources at Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia city, said the man was martyred in the Ezbet Abd Roba neighborhood late Thursday.

The development came only a few hours after the Palestinian resistance group Islamic Jihad announced the martyrdom of two of its military leaders in separate strikes carried out by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Ahmed Abu Daqqa, a senior Commander of the al-Quds Brigades, the armed branch of the group, was assassinated near Khan Younis where four people were also wounded.

Earlier in the day, the Palestinian resistance group announced the martyrdom of Ali Ghali, the commander of its rocket launch unit.

The assassinations of Ali Ghali and Ahmed Abu Daqqa brought to five the number of senior figures from the group martyred since Israel began striking Gaza early on Tuesday. Two resistance fighters from a splinter group martyred in a separate strike on Thursday.

So far, 31 Palestinians, including several women and children, have been martyred. The latest victim is 36-year-old Alian Atta Alian Abuwadi who succumbed to injuries he sustained in northern Gaza on Thursday.

Gaza-based resistance groups have retaliated with salvos of rockets.

According to Hebrew media, one Israeli has been killed and nearly 60 others injured in rocket attacks carried out from the Gaza Strip in retaliation.

Meanwhile, a young Palestinian boy attained martyrdom of a panic attack after Israeli military aircraft pounded al-Remal neighborhood in the center of the Gaza Strip.

According to local sources, four-year-old Tamim Daoud went to bed on Monday night, eagerly awaiting his fifth birthday next month.

He was woken along with his family at 2 a.m. local time by the sound of Israeli strikes.

“My son Tamim was sleeping when an Israeli airstrike targeted a residential building near our home,” Mohammed, the boy’s father, said. “He woke up frightened and terrified.”

The sound of the bombing was deafening. Windows had been shattered and the neighborhood was blasted apart.

Tamim wept heavily while his mother tried to soothe him back to sleep. According to his father, the boy grew short of breath, gasping desperately to take in air.

In the end, Tamim returned to sleep. But about five hours later, he began to struggle again. He experienced another panic attack.

“I rushed him to the hospital,” his father said. “But his heart stopped functioning on the way there.”

At the hospital, Tamim received medical treatment, but his heartbeat was very faint. “My son was admitted to the intensive care unit. The doctors told me that he martyred at dawn,” Mohammed noted.


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