Iraq PM launches National Education and Teaching Strategy for 2022-2031

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani announced on Monday the launch of the National Education and Teaching Strategy for the years 2022-2031. He also revealed a plan to send 5,000 students abroad for study in various fields.

This announcement came during his opening of a special conference for the strategy, held Monday morning in the capital, Baghdad, according to a statement issued by his office and sent to Shafaq News Agency.

During his opening speech at the conference, Al-Sudani stated, “We welcome this elite group of academics and experts from inside and outside Iraq, who are meeting in Baghdad, to launch the National Education and Teaching Strategy (2022-2031).”

He explained that the strategy outlines a roadmap for reforming the educational system in line with international standards and aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of the country’s education system.

The Prime Minister also affirmed that Iraq’s educational system will regain its vitality, after being severely disrupted since the 1990s as a result of the harsh policies of the previous dictatorial regime.

The Ministerial Program, according to Al-Sudani, includes an ambitious vision aiming to create a comprehensive and successful educational system that aligns with international standards. He elaborated that the government is working on adopting successful international experiences, without compromising the cultural value system of Iraq.

The Prime Minister also stressed the need to build an educational system that contributes to establishing concepts of brotherhood, coexistence, and acceptance of others.

He added that the educational institutions aim to build systems that enhance creative thinking, and that the outcomes of education should align with the requirements of the sustainable development plans approved by the United Nations until 2030.

Al-Sudani also confirmed that they will supervise the implementation of the strategy through a central committee under his guidance and in collaboration with relevant sectoral teams. He assured that the government is keen on providing the necessary budget to implement all the projects and programs included in it.

He continued, “It is impossible to build a good health system, infrastructure, clean environment, sound water management, eradicate poverty, and develop the private sector, unless we have a robust educational system.” The government will make the effort and spend money for Iraq to regain its place in the educational aspect.

The Prime Minister affirmed that they aim to develop human resources by integrating academic staff into international scientific institutions to gain experiences and expertise.

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