Millions of French people do not have enough food to eat – Study

Sixteen percent of French people say they did not have enough food to eat at the end of last year, according to a new study.

A survey by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc) found the ratio has increased significantly in recent months, from 12 to 16 percent in the last six months.

This means more than 10 million of France’s 68 million people do not get enough food.

The center attributed the finding to the increase in the price of food products on the shelves and inflation of more than 10 percent in some products.

The survey also shows that while the French have the means to eat their fill, nearly one in two still admits they don’t have access to all the food they like.

Since the ratio of food prices to people’s incomes is not proportionate, they have no choice but to deprive themselves of meat, fish or even fruits and vegetables.

According to the study, while these exclusions remained relatively marginal when inflation was kept below 2 percent, they have increased significantly in recent months as economic problems have intensified.

The French have had to adapt to new conditions by buying products that are not always of good quality and new and more expensive products.

Regarding the health consequences of food insecurity in families, Crédoc shows that for families with children, it is mainly women or even young people who are at risk of food insecurity.

Therefore, the study shows that 24% of people under the age of 40 are in food insecurity, while the rate is 7% for the age group of 69/60 years.

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