PMF’s Head: ISIS Militant Numbers Decrease in Iraq, Media Status Lost

The head of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Falih al-Fayyad, announced on Saturday that the number of ISIS militants in the country has decreased to 700, accompanied by losing their media status.

Speaking at a security conference in Nineveh, al-Fayyad emphasized the resolute stance of Iraq, stating, “We will not allow a dictator to oppress us again,” in reference to the former Baath regime.

Al-Fayyad, who described the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) as the antithesis of the terrorist group, stated that ISIS had experienced a decline in social support, resulting in a 28% decrease in its numbers.

The PMF head highlighted the significant drop in ISIS capabilities, particularly regarding its media institutions, which he described as suffering from notable weakness.

Providing an update on the situation in Sinjar district, al-Fayyad stressed that discussions with the Kurdistan Regional Government would be necessary to return displaced individuals to their homes safely. He underscored the importance of stability in Sinjar, emphasizing that political pleasantries should not hinder the process.

Highlighting the impact of the Popular Mobilization Forces beyond their fight against ISIS, al-Fayyad noted their role in challenging sectarian ideologies and promoting unity. He emphasized that Iraq recognizes no distinction between citizens, embracing a principle of equality and unity.

Al-Fayyad clarified that the Popular Mobilization Forces are not intended to replace the Iraqi army and security services.

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