Iraqi PM mobilizes all government departments to prevent election fraud.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani on Monday issued a directive rallying all governmental entities to preempt any form of manipulation that could potentially taint the imminent electoral results.

Framing election as a fulcrum of “civil peace and stability,” al-Sudani reiterated his unwavering commitment to uphold the democratic process during a visit to the headquarters of the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) earlier today.

There, he held a meeting with the chairman, board members, and the general directors of the commission, methodically inspecting the various departments, the ballot papers, the biometric voter card, the tally of completed and undistributed cards, as well as the mechanism of their distribution.

The premier, according to a press release issued by his bureau, was thoroughly briefed on the commission’s operational progress and plan. He also took note of the electoral timeline and the requisite preparatory measures.

“The government is striving to cater to all electoral needs and requirements essential for the commission’s work,” al-Sudani was quoted in the statement, underscoring his robust support for this constitutional institution that forms the bedrock of the democratic system.

Prime Minister al-Sudani said that “integrity and transparency in the electoral process are the cornerstones to preserving the commission’s professionalism and impartiality.”

The premier added that the commission should dispel apprehensions and accommodate suggestions that might enhance its work.

Al Sudani exhorted the efforts made to bolster the citizens’ confidence in the electoral process and its outcomes, vowing that the government would spare no effort in this pursuit.

“All government agencies should harness the full spectrum of their capabilities to prevent any illicit dealings or manipulations that might impair the results or hinder the commission’s operations,” al-Sudani told the commission’s board.

“Election is a vehicle for safeguarding civil peace and stability, as much as they symbolize the peaceful, democratic, and constitutional transition of power and responsibility,” he concluded.

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