Iraq and Jordan Agree to Streamline Visa Process and Enhance Bilateral Relations

Iraq and Jordan’s Ministries of Interior have agreed to address common issues between the two nations, primarily focusing on streamlining the granting of entry visas. The agreement, announced on Monday, aims to facilitate travel and enhance bilateral relations.

Under the agreement, citizens of both countries will benefit from expedited issuance of visit visas, with processing times reduced to 24 hours from the submission date. The respective embassies have been authorized to implement the agreement. Visit visas can be granted for single or multiple entries, with durations of six months or one year.

Significantly, the requirement for an Iraqi sponsor, previously mandatory for multiple visa or residence applications, has been waived, simplifying the application process. Additionally, the financial insurance of one million Iraqi dinars previously imposed on Jordanian applicants will now be replaced by a return ticket for the applicant.

Furthermore, the agreement cancels the entry ban for Iraqi and Jordanian citizens who have exceeded the allowed period of residence. Instead, individuals will be required to settle any fines resulting from the violation upon departure.

Both countries have also committed to expediting the process of granting residence permits, with completion expected within one week after the applicant submits all required documents.

The agreement reflects a mutual desire to strengthen ties and promote greater ease of movement between Iraq and Jordan.

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