‘Incredibly intense’: Massive fire in central Sydney contained

More than 120 firefighters battled a major blaze at a multi-level building in central Sydney today.

Multiple calls to emergency services were received when flames started engulfing the seven-storey building on Randle Street just after 4pm, Fire and Rescue NSW said.

Firefighters, from 30 fire trucks and multiple stations, had worked to contain and extinguish the blaze, which was located near the Central Train Station in Surry Hills.

One firefighter has been injured.

The building started to collapse, while the inferno was spreading to several neighboring buildings, including residential apartments.

At least one vehicle in the vicinity has also been destroyed by the fire.

Locals reported seeing large plumes of smoke across the entire city.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported a nearby smaller three-storey building was on fire but the main fire in the seven-storey building appears to be largely extinguished.

Fire and Rescue NSW Acting Commissioner Jeremy Fewtrell told media in a press conference: “It was an incredibly intense fire.”

The fire has been “effectively contained”, he said.

One firefighter has received a “minor injury” with a burn to his arm. He was being treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics at the scene but would not require hospital treatment, Fire and Rescue NSW said.

Fewtrell said there were no indications of any injuries to members of the public.

More than 120 firefighters and 30 trucks were working to put out the blaze, which Fire and Rescue NSW upgraded a “10th alarm” status, the most severe type of fire.

”There was some small level of fire spread to some of the surrounding apartment buildings, our firefighters have extinguished that.

”It will be a very substantial and very prolonged duration of firefighting to extinguish the fire completely.”

Fewtrell said he expected crews would be working through the night and into the morning.

They were using a “combination of an aerial attack and ground monitor attack” to put out the fire. Fewtrell said the building involved was older buildings, one terrace and one brick apartment building, parts of the building collapsed as the bricks gave way.

He said it was “far too early” to know what may have caused the fire.

At this stage, it’s believed both impacted buildings have been vacant, authorities said.

“It’s actually quite wild out on the streets, people everywhere and ash falling from the sky. Firefighters blocked off Elizabeth St, while shocked commuters lined the street,” one witness told news.com.au.

“A tornado of black smoke has blanketed the area,” another witness told news.com.au. “The building looks like the bottom of a fire pit.”

9News reported that it’s believed hundreds of people have been evacuated from the area.

“Probably one of the biggest building fires I’ve seen in the city,” 9News senior cameraman Mike McGee said.

“There were flames leaping out from every window.”

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