Al-Sudani ensures Iraq’s rights in ‘Path of Development’ project

In a statement on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani emphasized the imperative of safeguarding Iraq’s state rights in the large-scale ‘Path of Development’ initiative and its auxiliary projects, marking it as a first for the nation to undertake such a substantial development project.

During his chairing of a meeting dedicated to evaluating the outcomes of the ‘Path of Development’ conference held in Baghdad the previous day, Al-Sudani affirmed the project’s promise of triggering a “qualitative leap” in the economic sectors of Iraq and the regional countries.

The prime minister underscored the government’s determination to execute this expansive project with all its dimensions and aspirations, according to a statement.

Al-Sudani directed the relevant ministries and agencies to provide all the prerequisites for the success of the ‘Path of Development’ initiative, asserting that it will accomplish a significant leap in localizing industries, through the establishment of an industrial city, set to be one of the project’s main pillars.

He highlighted the importance of ensuring the rights of the Iraqi state at every juncture of the project, its subsidiary projects, and its attachments. He reiterated that this is the first instance of Iraq adopting such a large-scale development project, within the direct interest framework of the Iraqi people, as well as the interests of neighboring and regional brotherly and friendly peoples.

On Saturday, the capital, Baghdad, hosted a conference announcing the initial launch of the strategic ‘Path of Development’ project, attended by transport ministers and representatives from 10 regional countries.

The project encompasses the laying of rail tracks and a fast overland route for transporting goods from the major Al-Faw Port to the Turkish border, and from there to Europe. The project cost amounts to 17 billion dollars.

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