Baghdad Museum Showcases City’s History through a New Wax Exhibit (Photos)

The Baghdad Museum has launched a wax museum depicting a historical period from the ancient city’s vibrant past, recreating the simplicity, cohesion, and social richness of a bygone era lived by ancient Baghdadi people.

Captured by the lens of Shafaq News Agency, the wax museum, a new addition to the Baghdad Museum, provides a detailed insight into the life of Baghdadi families and their traditional folkloric attire. This exhibit is nestled within one of the capital’s oldest structures, whose establishment traces back to 1869 during the Ottoman rule.

Initially used as a printing house for the governorate of Baghdad during the governance of Medhat Pasha, the museum was officially opened at the beginning of 1970.

The museum’s extensive library contains a treasure trove of over 4830 books, documents, references, and sources about Baghdad, encapsulating the tales, customs, and traditions that the Baghdadi people are famed for.

In addition to the historical artifacts, the museum also boasts an array of artistic paintings from pioneering Iraqi artists such as Hafez Al-Droubi, Faraj Abbo, and others.

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