Al-Sistani’s Spokesperson Calls for Empowering Iraqi Minds, Boosting Industry, Agriculture, and Domestic Production.

A spokesperson to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s supreme Islamic authority, has called for fostering the intellectual potential of Iraqis, supporting industry and agriculture, and promoting domestic products.

In a meeting with a delegation from the Babel Governorate Investment Authority, as per a statement released on the website of Al-Abbas Ebn Ali (PBUH) Shrine on Sunday, al-Sistani’s representative, Ahmed al-Safi, said that Iraqis should spare no effort in restoring the nation’s prestige and stature.

“Al-Hilla has a unique identity that must be preserved and strengthened,” al-Safi added, stressing the importance of having faith in the Iraqi intellect and giving it room to work.

“This is what we succeeded in,” confirming the various services that al-Abbas Holy Shrine has provided to Babel in different domains.

The cleric reiterated that “a country cannot be built except through intensifying efforts and unity. There is a need to support industry, agriculture, and the domestic product.”

Recently, the parliamentary Labor and Social Affairs Committee described the parliament’s vote on Article 32 of the public budget as a “victory” for the local industry and industrialists. The Iraqi Federation of Industries also called for support and implementation of this article.

Article 32, Section 2 of the public budget obligates all ministries, non-ministerially affiliated institutions, governorates, and sectors to procure their needs from the national local industry, the private sector, and the mixed government sector.

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