Al-Amiri calls on the government to pay attention to the Popular Mobilization Forces and meet its requirements and entitlements

Today, Tuesday, the Secretary-General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, called on the government to give the Popular Mobilization Forces
the attention it deserves and to meet its requirements and entitlements.

Al-Amiri said in a statement received by (Al-Ghadeer): “With the best meanings of glory and pride, we evoke the ninth anniversary of the launch of the blessed fatwa of the competent jihad launched by the supreme religious authority in the most honorable Najaf, represented by Sayyid Sistani, may God Almighty perpetuate his abundant shadow. And on the pulpit of Abi al-Ahrar and the imam of the patriarchs, Imam al-Hussain (peace be upon him).

And he continued: “We remember with pride the great response shown by the children of Al-Taff School, a roaring march in defense of the land, honor and sanctities, as it was one of the brightest, brightest and most violent stations in history. And the Popular Mobilization Forces were the fruit of the blessed fatwa, its credibility, and the embodiment of its aim.” A wound, and every initiative in which the masses of the elected, people of virility, decency, and insistence on recording great stances in support of the blessed fatwa, its men, and its knights participated.

Al-Amiri recalled, according to the statement, the honorable positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, saying: “Let us remember, with the highest meanings of appreciation and gratitude, the honorable fraternal stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, who only wanted to join their Iraqi brothers in the epic waging the war on terrorism, even if it cost them to do so.” The blood of their best men and leaders.

Al-Amiri called on “the government to give the popular crowd the attention it deserves, and to meet its requirements and entitlements, especially arming as a military formation that has proven its efficiency, sincerity, and importance in light of the continuing security challenge that is still represented by the terrorist organization ISIS,” calling for “perpetuating attention to the families of the martyrs, following up on the conditions of the wounded and extending a helping hand to them.” “.

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