Al-Sudani discusses security updates at National Security Council meeting

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani chaired a regular session of the Ministerial Council for National Security on Wednesday, during which the developments in the security situation in the country were discussed.

Al-Sudani highlighted the ninth anniversary of the fatwa of jihad and the establishment of the Popular Mobilization Forces, commending their role in “confronting the threat of terrorism and the sacrifices they have made for the unity of Iraq.”

He briefly reviewed his recent visit to Egypt and its dimensions in the security and economic fields, as well as the achieved outcomes that serve the interests of Iraq and its people. He also congratulated the attendees on the vote on the tripartite budget law, emphasizing the responsibility of all security agencies to optimize the budget and handle its components with caution and precision, so as not to cause any waste or loss of public funds.

The council discussed a number of topics on the agenda, including the unification of governmental efforts in crisis and disaster management. The recommendations presented by the National Operations Center in this regard were approved.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the issue of extremist religious movements and their impact on society, as well as ways to counter them, and the necessary recommendations were made in this regard.

The council also deliberated on the matter of deliberate and unintended acts of sabotage and fires occurring in some government buildings, emphasizing the need to enhance precautionary measures to secure government facilities and to work on protecting the infrastructure.

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