Kirkuk police arrests prominent terrorists

The Kirkuk Province Police announced on Friday the apprehension of two individuals, one of whom is the brother of “ISIS war minister” faction in Kirkuk.

In a statement, the Directorate said, “Kirkuk’s Raid Brigade, in coordination with the Military Intelligence Directorate and the Counter-Terrorism Unit in Sulaimaniyah, successfully captured two terrorist elements in Kirkuk province. One of them held a prominent position within the so-called ‘Provincial Medical Department’ in Anbar province, while the other was a high-ranking member of the terrorist ISIS group and the brother of the self-proclaimed Minister of War within the ranks of ISIS.”

The statement affirmed that the operation, carried out by joint forces, was a remarkable success in relentlessly pursuing the remnants of terrorist organizations and bringing them to justice.

Moreover, the statement highlighted that their testimonies were recorded and they will be presented before the investigating judge, where they will be detained according to the provisions of Article 1/4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law.

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