Iraq, Pakistan form joint committee to combat terrorism

Iraqi Interior Minister, Abdul Amir al-Shamri, announced on Wednesday the formation of a joint committee with Pakistan to combat terrorism and regulate the entry of visitors during the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Federal Police and was attended by his Pakistani counterpart, Rana Thanallah, along with a high-level Pakistani security delegation, ministry officials, the Federal Police commander, and several other leaders and officers.

In a statement, al-Shamari emphasized that “this meeting underscores the desire to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries and enhance mutual relations. It also aims to exchange information and expertise in countering drug trafficking and organized crime, in addition to combating the terrorist gangs of ISIS,” while also stressing the “necessity to fight extremism and prevent its spread.”

Al-Shamri further highlighted that “drug traffickers have become a major menace,” urging continued regional efforts in combating drugs and psychotropic substances. He mentioned that “Baghdad hosted a regional conference on drug enforcement.”

The Iraqi minister also emphasized the importance of combating organized crime and deterring terrorist elements, expressing that “continuous efforts are being made to develop training plans and enhance readiness to face all challenges.” He expressed hope for fruitful and effective cooperation with the relevant security authorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

On his part, the Pakistani Interior Minister expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality, affirming that Iraqis have a profound love for their country and have successfully overcome terrorist groups, contributing significantly to the stability of the region. He stated that “serious steps are being taken towards joint cooperation between the two countries, especially in combating drug trafficking.”

The Pakistani minister also expressed his country’s readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, which is currently witnessing an extensive campaign in this regard.

A joint committee has been formed to combat terrorism and regulate the entry of visitors during the Arbaeen pilgrimage. The scope of this committee will be further developed to encompass issues and files that enhance security in both nations.

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