Authorities foil attempted smuggling of large sums of money in Baghdad

An anonymous security source revealed on Tuesday the apprehension of an individual attempting to smuggle a staggering sum of 260,000 dollars and 140 million Iraqi dinars in the capital, Baghdad.

The source informed Shafaq News Agency that “under the supervision of Major Imad, a security force managed to arrest a person endeavoring to clandestinely transport a sum totaling 260,000 US dollars and 140 million Iraqi dinars, which his owner intended to smuggle concealed within his vehicle towards northern Iraq.”

Elaborating further, the operation was successfully executed through sustained surveillance carried out by the “Currency Smuggling Unit” affiliated with the organized crime department, under the command of the aforementioned Major, within the jurisdiction of Taji heading towards northern Iraq.

Earlier today, the National Security Services (NSS) announced the dismantling of networks involved in suspicious financial activities and the seizure of over 14 million dollars before being smuggled.

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