Hamas spox warns of plan by Israeli settler groups to build temple at al-Aqsa Mosque

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has warned of a plan by the illegal Israeli settler groups to demolish al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied al-Quds and build a Jewish temple there instead.

Hamas spokesman Abdul-Latif Qanu made the warning in a statement on Wednesday, rejecting the plan as a “dangerous and unprecedented escalation and part of the growing religious war on the holy site,” the Palestinian Information Center reported.

“Extremist Jewish groups backed by their regime are working at an accelerated pace on changing the religious, historical and legal status quo at Aqsa Mosque, but such a plan will fail and our people will confront it strongly and courageously,” he said.

Qanu went on to say that any harm inflicted on al-Aqsa “is like touching a detonator,” stressing that the occupying regime “will be fully responsible for the consequences of its foolishness and aggression” against the holy site.

He also called on Muslim countries to take serious action to protect al-Aqsa and stop Israeli aggression against the holy site.

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