Al-Sudani: Deviant Entities Complicit in the Yazidi Tragedy

n Thursday, Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, accused certain entities and countries of being “deviant” and complicit in the genocide committed against the Yazidis in Sinjar, following ISIS’s invasion of Nineveh in 2014.

Al-Sudani presided over an event held in Baghdad to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the Yazidi genocide. During his poignant speech, he recalled the dark days when terrorism engulfed the vicinity of Sinjar, targeting safe villages like Kojo and its surroundings, where unspeakable atrocities were committed. He emphasized that the terrorists callously buried mass graves, similar to the brutal practices of the previous dictatorial regime.

The Iraqi PM emphasized the unity of all Iraqis in their solidarity with their Yazidi brothers and other affected communities, who endured the scourge of terrorism. He also highlighted the government’s relentless efforts to enact laws protecting Yazidi survivors.

Al-Sudani underscored that any crime or attack against a free Yazidi woman is a condemnation of anyone who supported terrorism, either through words, actions, or collaboration.

Moreover, he exposed the involvement of certain deviant countries and entities in this treacherous crime, with ill intentions for Iraq. However, their schemes ultimately failed.

Al-Sudani reaffirmed the dedication of all branches of the armed forces to confront and pursue terrorists wherever they may be hiding.

He pledged to address the long-standing issue of land and housing ownership for Yazidis, a matter that has been neglected since 1975.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister emphasized their commitment to encourage the displaced to return to their homes and create favorable humanitarian conditions for them. They have deployed dedicated service, engineering, and social research teams to provide support in their respective areas.

He assured that the work to excavate mass graves and search for forcibly disappeared individuals is ongoing, with the security and relevant agencies tirelessly following up on every missing person and working to liberate every hostage.

He added that budgets for the reconstruction of Sinjar and the Nineveh plains have been secured for the next three years, with directives to expedite compensation procedures for affected families of martyrs and wounded individuals, as well as those who suffered property losses.

Al-Sudani further detailed the comprehensive project to restore Kojo to its former glory, encompassing the rebuilding of the village along with all essential civil services.

In addition, the Cabinet approved an official holiday for the Yazidis, to be observed on the first Wednesday of April, in support of their rich cultural presence that adds to Iraq’s extensive cultural diversity.

He concluded his remarks by emphasizing that the government’s actions in this regard are not mere benevolence or honor, but rather the consolidation of rights, fulfillment of duties, establishment of equality, and relief for the oppressed.

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