China says G7 nations not invited to Belt & Road Forum, rejects Western media claims

China has countered Western media claims that some European countries have refused participation in this year’s Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, insisting that they were not invited in the first place.

Beijing has not invited the leaders of some developed nations mentioned in Western media reports, so the conclusion that they were “avoiding participation” does not hold, said China’s state-run newspaper Global Times reported on Saturday, citing an unidentified source.

It noted, however, that Beijing remains open to their attendance if they wish to join the summit.

The report further pointed out that most of the leaders invited this year were from developing nations.

China demands US compliance with WTO

Meanwhile, China has called on the United States to abide by the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and fulfill its commitments, as the world’s largest economy and the main founder and important beneficiary of the multilateral trading system.

In a report released on Friday, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce voiced concerns over US policy measures that undermine the multilateral trading system, implement unilateral trade bullying, manipulate double standards in industrial policies, and disrupt global industrial and supply chains.

Beijing further called on Washington to make its due contribution and promote the multilateral trading system to play a greater role in global governance.

According to the report, the US is the member with the largest number of dispute settlements initiated by other WTO members.

“Since 2017, the US has blocked appointments of new Appellate Body members on the grounds of institutional issues, which led to the ‘paralysis’ of the Appellate Body,” it said.

The report went on to say that the US has long used “national security,” “human rights” and “forced technology transfer” as excuses to take unilateral measures against other WTO members, impose tariffs arbitrarily and abuse trade remedies.

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