UK’s MI6 spy agency formed Ukraine sabotage team for Africa deployment

UK’s foreign intelligence service, commonly known as MI6, has made preparations for a Ukrainian unit to be sent to Africa to carry out sabotage operations against Russia-linked targets, according to an unnamed military source, cited by the Russian media.

“According to information confirmed by several sources, the British intelligence service MI6 has formed and prepared for deployment to the southern continent a sabotage and punitive detachment consisting of militants of Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi formations to counter the development of cooperation between African countries and Russia,” a military-diplomatic source said on Wednesday.

The source explained that London had instructed Kiev in July 2023 to order Ukraine’s Security Service and the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR) to “provide maximum and prompt assistance to representatives of the British intelligence MI6 and SAS special unit in the selection of 100 fighters from the Ukrainian national formations with significant combat experience on the ‘eastern front'” fighting against Russian troops.

One of the main objectives of the Ukrainian task force in Africa will be “sabotage of infrastructure in African countries, as well as the elimination of African leaders oriented towards cooperation with Russia,” the source warned.

“A chartered civilian ship from the [Ukrainian] port of Izmail [will transfer the task force] to the [Sudanese] city of Omdurman during the second half of August,” the source added while naming, Lt. Col. Vitaliy Prashchuk as the head of the Ukrainian sabotage unit.

Prashchuk, a native of the Vinnytsia Region, fought against pro-Russia troops in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in 2014-2016 as the head of a sabotage and reconnaissance group, which had several “successful liquidations” in its dark report card.

He joined the 73rd Ukrainian Marine Special Operations Center in 2015 and served in its intelligence unit until 2017. Prashchuk also participated in joint special operations run by Ukrainian and British intelligence services in Zimbabwe.

After his discharge in 2019, he went into politics, joining Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” party through which he was elected as representative to Ukraine’s parliament.

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