PM applauds the popular effort represented by the owners of the processions and the service of visitors

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani commended the unwavering support for the Imam Hussein’s Arbaeen pilgrimage, lauding the unprecedented turnout of over 22 million visitors. His remarks came during a joint press conference held in Karbala, attended by local government officials, ministers, and security leaders involved in the pilgrimage’s planning.

“We appreciate the significant role played by the state and its institutions in the success of this visit,” Sudani stated. He emphasized that the distinctive feature of this pilgrimage was the collective effort, as everyone contributed their resources to support Karbala province.

Regarding security preparations, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces stated, “We meticulously gathered and analyzed information down to the finest details, leaving no room for oversight during the 20 days leading up to the event. Our security apparatus operated cohesively to ensure safety and stability.”

Al-Sudani also praised the organizers of the Husseinian processions for their swift provision of various services and their commitment to continuous improvement. He remarked, “The state, through its official institutions, would not have been able to fulfill this crucial role to such a high standard were it not for the tireless efforts of procession organizers.”

The Prime Minister noted that this pilgrimage marked the first time that members of the security forces from Al-Anbar Province and all Iraqi provinces, participated collectively, including transport and services, as a sign of respect for this monumental occasion. Sudani added, “All these elements of strength deserve our acknowledgment and promotion during this million-strong gathering.”

“This visit is unparalleled in terms of attendance, which is why preparations began well in advance by the designated committees. For the first time, 1,200 buses were leased to transport pilgrims, with funds allocated from the state’s emergency budget”, he concluded.

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