Russian air defense shots down Ukrainian drone over Bryansk region

Russian Governor of the Bryansk region has said that the air defense systems defending the region successfully downed a Ukrainian drone flying over its airspace, foiling another “terrorist” attack by Kiev.

“The air defense forces of the Russian Defense Ministry have foiled an attack by Ukrainian terrorists. An aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicle has been shot down over the Navlinsky district,” Alexander Bogomaz said early on Wednesday on Telegram.

“There are no casualties or damage,” Bogomaz added on social media.

“Operational and emergency services are working at the site,” the Russian official further added.

Following Kiev’s abortive months-long counteroffensive, Ukrainian troops have resorted to drone warfare, targeting civilian infrastructure, to make up for their military shortcomings on the battlefield, failing to deliver as expected on its promises of a vain victory against the stronger Russian troops.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has pointed out that the Moscow-Kiev conflict is a “proxy war” waged by the US and its NATO allies against Russia. It warned that the supply of arms and training to Kiev’s troops and intelligence-sharing makes the Western nations complicit, which means they are already de-facto parties to the conflict.

Russia, which views NATO as a hostile bloc and vigorously opposes its eastward expansion, has also highlighted Kiev’s aspirations of joining the US-led military alliance among the main reasons for launching its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022.

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