Transitional President of Gabon: The ousted President Ali Bongo has the freedom to travel abroad

The Transitional President of Gabon, General Brice Olegé Nguema, announced that former President Ali Bongo Ondimba can travel abroad if he wishes.

The Transitional President of Gabon confirmed, in a statement broadcast on state television, that President Bongo is free to move.

Last Monday, before the Constitutional Court in Gabon, General Brice Olegé Nguema was sworn in as President of the “transitional period,” the duration of which was not determined, pledging to establish “more democratic institutions” and organize “free elections,” stressing his commitment to strengthening Gabon’s relations with other friendly countries, based on tolerance and consensus.”

Officers from the Gabonese army, led by General Nguema, seized power in the eighth coup in West and Central Africa in three years, minutes after it was announced that Ali Bongo had won a third term in the elections, a result that the coup annulled and said lacked credibility.

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