Iran’s government thanks Iraqi people for their generosity and hospitality during Arbaeen Pilgrimage

The Islamic Republic of Iran thanked on Thursday, the Iraqi people for their generosity and hospitality during the Arbaeen Pilgrimage.

The Minister of Health, Saleh Al-Hasnawi, said in a joint press conference with his counterpart, the Iranian Minister of Health, Bahram Eynollahi, held in the ministry’s building, and was attended by the reporter of Al-Ghadeer Satellite Channel: “Today we received the Iranian Minister of Health Bahram Eynollahi, and his accompanying delegation,” noting that “ The visit came on the occasion of the Arbaeen Pilgrimage to discuss the services that were provided to Iraqi, Iranian and foreign pilgrims, and to thank the health cadres who provided services, to enhance cooperation and partnership in various health fields, and to prepare for the next pilgrimages in a closer manner and greater cooperation.

He added, “On behalf of the employees of the Ministry of Health, we welcome the Iranian Minister of Health and his accompanying delegation, and we wish them a good stay in Iraq and great cooperation between the Iraqi and Iranian ministries of health.”

For his part, Iranian Health Minister Bahram Eynollahi said: “I thank the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Ministry of Health for their hospitality and generosity to the Iranian people.”

He added, “In my name and in the name of the President of the Iranian Republic and the Council of Ministers, we extend our thanks to all the Iraqi people, and we also extend our sincere thanks to the Minister of Health for his utmost efforts to provide services to the Iranian pilgrims.”

He continued, “Health does not recognize borders, and all countries can cooperate to provide health services, as every person must remain healthy and not get sick,” explaining that “the Corona pandemic has proven that diseases do not recognize borders, so cooperation must be made for the sake of health.”

He stated that “Iraq and Iran have a unified geographical location, so they must unite in order to cooperate in addressing diseases,” noting that “the temperatures were high, so we had concerns about this issue, but the work carried out by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Cooperation led to overcoming this issue.”

He congratulated “the Minister of Health on the success of his ministry, which was able to provide safety for pilgrims who came from all parts of the world.”

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