PMF thwarts ISIS activities in southeast Saladin

A confrontation occurred between Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) members and a group of ISIS terrorist gang in the southeast of Saladin governorate.

According to a PMF source, a unit from the Second Regiment of the 88th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces detected the movements of ISIS members in the Al-Sifuna area of Al-Mu’tasim district, situated southeast of Tikrit. This led to an exchange of gunfire between the two sides.

Ultimately, the ISIS members retreated to remote areas without inflicting casualties or injuries.

The forces of the 88th Brigade are strategically positioned in areas marked by elevated security risks, particularly in the eastern part of Saladin and the southeast of Tikrit. Over the past years, they have faced numerous terrorist attacks and hostile actions, highlighting their persistent commitment to countering threats posed by extremist elements in the region.

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