MoE: Iraq is keen to cooperate with the region’s countries to mitigate sand storms

The Minister of Environment, Nizar Amidi, confirmed today, Friday, that Iraq is keen to cooperate with countries in the region to mitigate sandstorms, while noting that it is a regional and international problem and not exclusively local.

The Ministry of Environment stated, in a statement received by the Al-Ghadeer News Agency, that “Minister of the Environment, Nizar Aamidi, arrived this Friday morning, in Tehran, to participate in the International Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms, and he was received by Dhu al-Judi, the organization’s Vice President for Conservation Affairs.”.

Amidi said, according to the statement, “Iraq is keen to have cooperation with countries in the region, especially neighboring countries, in searching for the most important solutions required to mitigate and reduce sand and dust storms, considering that Iraq is one of the countries affected by these storms, especially in the summer months.”.

The Minister of Environment explained, “Iraq has close relations with the Islamic Republic in all fields, especially the witnessed cooperation in environmental aspects, sustainability, and how to confront the effects of climate change, given that there are common borders between Iraq and Iran, and there is an urgent need to strengthen joint cooperation between the two countries.”.

The statement continued: “Representatives from 50 countries and 15 international institutions are participating in this conference, in addition to a large group of experts, university professors, and representatives of executive, academic, and educational bodies.”.

It is worth noting that among the main policies of the current government is working diligently to confront environmental and climate challenges by enhancing constructive understanding and diplomatic relations with countries of the world and exchanging experiences in addressing problems.

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