Iraqi Prime Minister offers condolences and assistance to Morocco after devastating earthquake

On Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani extended his “heartfelt condolences” to the earthquake’s victims.

In a statement released by his media office, Prime Minister Al-Sudani affirmed the “solidarity of the Iraqi government and its people with the brotherly Kingdom of Morocco.”

He announced their readiness to “offer any necessary support to mitigate the effects of the destructive earthquake that struck several Moroccan cities on Friday, resulting in a significant loss of life, injuries, and substantial material damage.”

Al-Sudani conveyed his condolences and sympathy to the families of the earthquake victims and expressed his heartfelt wishes for a swift recovery for the injured. He also extended his hopes for the safety and well-being of the Kingdom of Morocco and its people.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the capital city of Marrakesh and other Moroccan cities on Friday night. It has been described as the “most violent” earthquake in the region.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the quake killed at least 1037 and injured 1204 others.

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