Al-Sudani discusses economic cooperation with Saudi delegation

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani held a meeting with a delegation from the Shura Council of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is currently visiting the capital, Baghdad.

The delegation is headed by Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Qannas. The meeting was characterized by discussions aimed at emphasizing the importance of sustaining and enhancing bilateral relations between the two nations on all levels. This includes strengthening economic and trade partnerships, as well as fostering cultural exchanges.

During the meeting, Prime Minister al-Sudani underscored the significance of sustaining and strengthening ties between the two countries on various fronts. He emphasized the need to enhance economic and trade partnerships and expand cultural exchanges.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that his government has pursued a path of bolstering regional integration and strengthening relationships to address the shared challenges and crises facing the region and its sisterly and friendly nations. Baghdad has evolved into a platform for finding solutions and commonalities that contribute to regional stability.

In response, the Saudi delegation expressed the Kingdom’s appreciation for the multifaceted relationship with Iraq and its desire to participate in development projects and investment opportunities in Iraq, thus elevating the level of economic cooperation between the two nations.

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