Iran acknowledges Iraq’s commitment to security agreement, disarmament of Kurdish groups

On Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian confirmed that Iraq is dedicated to the security agreement between the two nations. This agreement includes removing anti-Iranian Kurdish groups and parties from areas along the shared borders.

In a joint press conference with the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, who is currently visiting Tehran, Minister Amir-Abdollahian stated that his Iraqi counterpart had provided him with “positive information regarding implementing the security agreement between the two countries.” He emphasized that armed groups have been relocated from the Iranian border deep into Iraqi territory and have been disarmed.

The Iranian Minister also touched on issues related to climate change and drought in the region, noting that dust storms are a common problem that affects both countries and stressing the importance of international cooperation in addressing this issue. He also highlighted the strong collaboration between Iran and Iraq in environmental protection.

Minister Fuad Hussein expressed gratitude to Iran for releasing water into the Karun River, which has helped alleviate water-related challenges in southern Iraq. He hoped that Iran would consider increasing its releases into the Sirwan River in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Foreign Minister Hussein emphasized Iraq’s commitment to ensuring that no armed group threatens the security of Iran or neighboring countries. He reiterated Iraq’s dedication to implementing the security agreement with Tehran, which includes disarming opposition parties and groups and relocating them from the border areas to refugee camps under international supervision.

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