Mexican Congress holds controversial hearing on alleged extraterrestrial bodies

The Mexican Congress stirred controversy on Thursday when it held a hearing session during which two bodies, claimed to be “extraterrestrial creatures” over a thousand years old and discovered in Peru in 2017, were presented.

Mexican lawmakers listened to testimony asserting that “we are not alone” in the universe and observed the alleged remains of extraterrestrial beings during an extraordinary hearing session regarding unidentified flying objects held on Tuesday.

The session began with a major surprise when journalist Jaime Maussan brought in two archaeological artifacts, which he claimed were the bodies of extraterrestrial entities. Mosan stated that these bodies had no relation to any Earthly organisms, adding that “the bodies are approximately 1,000 years old and were discovered in Peru in 2017 near an archaeological site. He also claimed that one of the bodies was pregnant.

He further asserted that the purported aliens had large brains and eyes, allowing them to have a broad perspective, and they also lacked teeth, suggesting that they might have only consumed liquids and were incapable of chewing.

The bodies were displayed in two cases, showing slender and small figures with three fingers on each hand and elongated heads.

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