Israel struck Hama Province in Syria

The Syrian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Israel conducted an airstrike targeting the Syrian province of Hama. The ministry released a statement late at night reporting that the attack resulted in only material losses.

According to the official Syrian news agency (SANA), a military source stated, “At approximately 22:40 on Wednesday, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of northern Lebanon, targeting some points in the vicinity of Hama.”

Syrian state media reported that an Israeli airstrike on Tartus overlooking the Mediterranean Sea killed two Syrian soldiers. Specific details regarding the targeted sites were not provided.

An opposition source also revealed that the latest Israeli strike extended to the Shayrat military airport southeast of Homs Governorate and a military base south of Hama. The latter base is a significant military air facility in Syria, fortified by Russia.

Israel has conducted numerous airstrikes on what it identifies as Iranian targets in Syria over the past few years. However, it has primarily avoided targeting coastal provinces where Russian military assets are concentrated.

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