Grand Ayatollah Sistani receives an Iraqi student with quadriplegia who achieved a high average in middle school: Your amazing success is an important lesson for everyone.

Today, Friday, the Supreme Authority, Sayyid Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani, received the Iraqi student (Saif al-Din Saad), along with his father and some of his brothers, on the occasion of his achieving a high average in the sixth-grade middle school exams in the scientific branch, despite having been afflicted with quadriplegia since his childhood.

His Eminence praised his high determination and distinguished perseverance, and for not letting his physical disability prevent him from achieving an advanced degree in his academic studies, and told him: Your amazing success is an important lesson for everyone that there is nothing preventing a person from succeeding in life with a solid will and unyielding determination. He called for further progress in his scientific career.

His Eminence praised his family who took care of him and cared for him, and they played an important role in his excellence and success.

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