As part of the Prime Minister’s initiative, the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to distribute two million palm trees and trees

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Agriculture announced its readiness to distribute approximately two million palm trees and trees to state institutions, universities and schools as part of the initiative of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, while setting the date for implementing the first phase of the initiative.

The technical undersecretary of the ministry, Mithaq Abdul Hussein, said, “Based on the initiative launched by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani at the climate conference in Basra to plant 5 million palm trees and trees, and the Ministry of Agriculture is adopting the implementation of this initiative, by preparing the seedlings, trees and palm trees necessary for launch in several stages.” .

He pointed out, “Nearly 2 million trees and palm trees have been prepared for distribution during the agricultural season for urban afforestation during the year 2023 through coordination with all state institutions, universities, colleges, schools, municipal directorates, and the Ministry of Defense and Interior.”

He continued, “A high-level national committee will be formed from partners in the private and governmental sectors and international organizations, to begin afforestation operations during the current month of September.”

He added, “The Ministry of Agriculture began implementing the initiative since the first month of its launch in March 2023 at the level of its stations, and programs to combat desertification and stabilize sand dunes,” calling on citizens to “support the afforestation initiative, in order to spread green culture to improve our environment.”

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