The Ministry of Transport determines the completion rates achieved at Al-Faw Port

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Transport determined the completion rates achieved in the four sections and the container yard of the Grand Faw Port project, while announcing a study to determine the port’s operating mechanism.

The ministry’s media director, Maitham Abdel Safi, said in a statement to the official agency, followed by Al-Ghadeer, that “a specialized team has been formed from all the ministry’s formations for the purpose of studying the economic model and determining the economic and legal vision for the operating mechanism.”

Al-Safi added, “The study will be submitted to the Minister of Transport very soon for study and discussion, and then present it to the government to determine the operating mechanism for the Al-Faw Port project and combine the period of completion of the project as infrastructure and the entry of overhead works related to operation, after which the companies responsible for the operation process will be approached.”

Speaking about the completion rates, he continued, “The first section of Pier No. (1) was completed at a rate of 100%, while the second section was completed at a rate of more than 75%,” stressing, “The armament is complete for this section, and there are inspections and tests by the Italian consultant and then “Then the remaining parts are cast.”

He added: “As for sections (3) and (4), the arming operations in them have reached the almost final stages, while the completion rate of the container yard has exceeded 70%. As for the navigation channel, there are large marine sections whose depths have reached advanced stages and according to what was planned.” Pointing out, “The project will be completed on time and according to the specified timelines.”

He pointed out that “all project work is going well, and there are field follow-ups by the project authority and the Italian consultant, and the Korean implementing company is present in order to complete the work in the correct manner.”

He stressed, “The Al-Faw Port project is a major project, the backbone of the economy and its beating heart, and it is an integral part of the development path and a complement to it,” adding, “The opening of the first phase of the Al-Faw Port will be at the end of 2025, while the first phase of the development path will be opened in 2028.”

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