US Joint Chiefs Chairman discusses North Korea’s potential role in Ukraine conflict

Gen. Mark A. Milley, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed doubts about the possibility of Pyongyang significantly enhancing Russia’s artillery munition supply for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Gen. Milley made these remarks upon arriving in Norway to participate in NATO meetings focusing on North Korea.

He noted that a recent meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin might lead to North Korea providing Soviet-era 152 mm artillery rounds to Moscow. However, he downplayed the potential impact of such aid, stating, “Would it have a huge difference? I’m skeptical of that,” when speaking to reporters accompanying him.

Foreign governments and experts had speculated that Kim Jong Un could offer ammunition to Russia in exchange for advanced weaponry or technology from Moscow.

Milley is among several defense chiefs from NATO member countries convening in the Holmenkollen ski area near Oslo to discuss Ukraine, regional defense, and North Korea matters.

Following these NATO meetings, Milley is scheduled to attend the monthly meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group in Germany on Tuesday. This group, led by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, serves as the primary international forum for coordinating military support for Ukraine.

These NATO meetings coincide with Ukrainian forces making slow progress in their efforts to breach Russian battle lines during a counteroffensive. Ukrainian leaders are actively seeking new weapons, including long-range missiles, to bolster their capabilities in the ongoing conflict.

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