Security forces neutralize four ISIS terrorists involved in killing civilians in al-Anbar

Iraq’s Security Media Cell (SMC) on Wednesday announced the elimination of four ISIS members who had earlier this week paraded the murder of two civilians in al-Anbar.

“Through the diligent efforts of the Joint Operations Command and the ongoing field monitoring by the ground forces command, a force from the heroes of the Popular Mobilization Forces, specifically Team (T1) led by fighter Mandol al-Jughayfi, managed to set up a well-planned ambush, neutralizing four terrorists following several days of surveillance,” SMC said in a press release.

The group was involved cold-bloodedly killing two citizens in al-Anbar, western Iraq, a few days prior; an act they later portrayed with a demonstration of their murderous methodology via online platforms.

Social media platforms were abuzz with the disturbing footage showing the group mercilessly beheading two kidnapped civilians.

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