China ready to work for regional peace with South Korea: President Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed willingness to work with South Korea for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

Citing the president, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Saturday that Xi will seriously consider visiting Seoul to support dialogue between the two Koreas.

President Xi has not visited South Korea since 2014.

Xi had reportedly said that his government supports dialogue between the two Koreas and will continue efforts for peace and security on the peninsula.

Nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula have continued to build through 2023.

North Korea, which has been under harsh sanctions by the United States, keeps developing its nuclear program, while Seoul and Washington keep holding joint military drills in the region.

North Korea says the United States’ deployment of military assets on the peninsula is provocative.

China Central Television (CCTV) separately reported that the Chinese president had told South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo on Saturday that his government is willing to work to promote a strategic partnership between Beijing and Seoul.

Xi held talks with the South Korean prime minister in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou before the opening ceremony of the Asian Games on Saturday.

He told Han that China attaches great importance to the positive willingness of South Korea to commit to cooperation.

The Chinese leader also asked Han to meet halfway to maintain the direction of friendly cooperation.

Seoul is scheduled to host trilateral talks later next week, involving senior officials from China, Japan, and South Korea, to pave the way for the first summit of their leaders in four years.

The Chinese president told Han that he would welcome such a summit.

Even though China is South Korea’s top trading partner, Seoul’s tightening ties with Washington indicate its interest in countering China, which in the past two decades, has reemerged as a major power, with the world’s second-largest economy and a world-class military.

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