Al-Sudani discusses judicial independence with ALU delegation

Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani welcomed a delegation from the Arab Lawyers’ Union, underlining the complete independence afforded to the judiciary within Iraq’s political and constitutional framework.

The gathering saw the attendance of the Union’s Secretary-General, Macawi Ben Issa, along with legal luminaries representing various Arab nations, alongside the President of the Iraqi Lawyers’ Association.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani, in a statement, commended the convening of the Arab Union’s conference in Baghdad, marking the end of a three-decade hiatus, alongside the persistent hosting of the Union’s Permanent Bureau meetings within Iraq.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to engaging with professional unions and associations as integral components of the state’s institutions. He noted that, from the earliest days of the formation of the High Coordination Committee between the Cabinet, unions, and associations, efforts have been focused on solidifying the mechanisms of interaction.

Al-Sudani alluded to Iraq’s historical legacy in the realm of legislating laws and statutes, positioning the nation with the responsibility of nurturing and hosting legal activities. He pointed out that Iraq’s political and constitutional system accords full independence to the judiciary, bolstering its standing.

Furthermore, he expressed his appreciation for the Union’s support of Iraq in facing the challenges during its battle against terrorism, particularly against ISIS. He also renewed Iraq’s condolences and solidarity with the victims of natural disasters in Morocco and Libya.

On his part, the Secretary-General of the Union expressed gratitude for the hospitality and impeccable organization extended by Iraq, along with its continuous support for hosting the Union’s meetings in Baghdad.

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