Families of Speicher victims to challenge acquittal of suspects at the Supreme Court

Families of the victims of the Speicher Massacre submitted a cassation request to the Federal Supreme Court to overturn the acquittal of the suspects, Ziad Tariq Nizal and Abdullah Yasser Sabawi, who were purportedly involved in the crime.

The duo had been previously cleared by the Rusafa Criminal Court, sparking controversy and raising questions about the judiciary’s impartiality in this high-profile case.

The appeal highlighted the gravity of the Speicher Massacre, contending that the court’s decision to release the defendant due to insufficient evidence overlooks the meticulous intelligence work that led to their arrest. The families speculate potential political pressure influencing the court’s decision, deeming it a violation of legal, social, and religious norms.

Abdullah Yasser Sabawi, a relative of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and another individual, Tariq Khalaf, were accused of participating in the 2014 massacre. They were both acquitted on September 23, following their extradition from Lebanon with Interpol’s assistance.

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