The punishment blade on the neck of Mr. Gambler.

US President Donald Trump seems to be on a steady course, and that is instability. Because it is the only one or two more faces still remain in their positions from the group that entered the White House and taken the first steps in the presidency.

According to Reuters, on Sunday, the president of the United States published news on his page that did not surprise anyone.

“Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, will leave the government after two years of service until the end of the year,” he wrote. “During his term of office, Ryan has done a lot and I thank him for the services he has given to his country …”

With Zinke’s farewell to the Interior Ministry, he will be the twenty-eighth victim of President’s policies.

Prior to him, secretary of foreign affairs, defense, press, national security advisor, FBI president, etc also resigned or dismissed from duty. Since the first days of his arrival at the White House, the US president has always been thinking about changing the principles and framework.

Canceling signed agreements, changing various laws and dismissing officials, are some of his efforts in this direction.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Ryan Zinke, with a decision to resign, continued the changes to the Donald Trump Cabinet on the eve of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Zinke has faced numerous financial charges over the past two years, at least one of which has been referred to the Ministry of Justice by his ministry’s inspection department for possible criminal prosecution. He said as a result of “politically motivated and malicious attacks”, he quits, he wrote in a Tweet that he does not intend to” spend thousands of dollars “on defending himself against” injustice allegations”.

He claimed it while he was heavily criticized for using expensive, proprietary flights. Reportedly, he traveled from Las Vegas to Montana in an incident involving a flight of $ 12,000 for the American people. Zinke is about to leave the government on January 2, when the former congressman from Montana faces numerous federal cases due to his political activities and travel and potential conflict, and shortly after the beginning of Democrats in the US House of Representatives, his investigation may begin.

Trump announced that he will introduce Zinke’s successor next week. Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer, welcomed Zinke’s resignation, describing him as “toxic” person and declaring that “the cabinet would be less corrupt in the swamp without it.” Ryan Zinke, who was previously a member of the state of Montana in the House of Representatives, was one of the first to support Trump in the 2016 election.

But on the other hand, the situation of Donald Trump is not so favorable in the area of ?? corruption and misuse and in various cases.

For weeks, he has destroyed the legal mechanisms of Donald Trump’s political career, and he has been attacked by several federal prosecutors.

Look at these points: court trials, witness statements and prison sentences for former Donald Trump close associates who have hit hard strike his political life. The image featured by Robert Muller, the Special Inspector of the case, reveals a huge amount of scandal.

It should be easy to say that the scope of the research includes the election campaign, the Transitional Committee, and the Inaugural Committee and the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump. On the other hand, Donald Trump’s business organization and his charity have also been included in the research. The University founded by Trump is also accused to be a scammer. Under these circumstances, Donald Trump was directly accused by federal prosecutors in New York that he had violated electoral law.

At the same time, a case is underway by Democrats in which Donald Trump is accused of abusing his power for greater profitability and expansion of his chain hotels around the world. The case of Donald Trump and his administration has been laminated and is being examined at any level independently.

The next year, when the House of Representatives witnesses the majority of the Democrats, it will probably make it harder for Donald Trump because the Democrats will make the conditions worse for Donald Trump by conquering various committees. Many of those who coincide with Trump has been subject to the law.

Paul Manafort, former head of the Donald Trump Election Campaign, is in jail. Personal dealer and lawyer of Trump, Michael Cohen, next year, will be behind bars. Vice-President of the Trump Election Commission, Rick Gates, also confesses to his mistakes and may also be faced with jail.

George Papadopoulos, adviser of foreign affairs during the election campaign to Donald Trump, has just been released. Michael Flynn has promised not to go to jail, provided the collaboration with Robert Mueller.

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