Indonesia | Smelly fruit on sale for three times average monthly wage.

The J-Queen durian fruit costs the equivalent of £750 which is more than three times the average monthly salary in Indonesia.

A rare type of durian fruit, known for its pungent aroma, has gone on sale in Indonesia three times the average monthly salary.

The J-Queen variety of the smelly fruit is on sale in West Java, and costs 14m rupiah each – about £750.

According to the manpower ministry, the average monthly wage in the region is about 4m, putting it at more than triple the average salary.

CNN reports that the J-Queen variety is a hybrid of several high-quality types of durian fruits, created by a 32-year-old psychology student from Yogyakarta.

Aka claims the fruit of his plant is so pricey because it only produces 20 fruit every three years.

He told “The J Queen Durian is fruitful in the tree every three years. Each tree only produces at most 20 fruits. This durian tree is the only one I have and [it has] not [been] traded.”

The taste has been described as buttery and peanutty.

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