Italy | Salvini trolls ‘haters’ in Twitter.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has trolled his detractors on Twitter by sharing a photograph of voodoo dolls in the image of himself, Donald Trump, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A picture of the ragged puppets with the faces of prominent politicians topped the Twitter feed of the sharp-tongued deputy PM on Tuesday night. The dolls resembled those used by voodoo worshippers and featured the faces of Salvini, Trump, Erdogan, and former Brazilian president Michel Temer.

“Salvini voodoo doll? Only 10 euros, a deal for so many haters! But I think of the many who love me and I am happy,” the right-wing politician wrote.

Salvini’s tweet was well-received by local Twitter users, as hundreds of comments poured in within just a few hours. Most commenters supported the plain-talking minister.

One user suggested that the dolls were being sold by supporters of the pro-migration, left-wing Democratic Party – a fair guess, given Salvini’s tough stance on immigration issues.

Another comment referred to Salvini’s “unreliable” partners in government, with whom the politician formed a coalition in 2018 after his right-wing party, Northern League, won 17.4 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections. “Watch who you’re working with!” they wrote.

Others joked about the fact that a voodoo cult was something not usually associated with Europeans.“If these [haters] still believe in voodoo then they have problems,” one user wrote.

“With all the Africans now present in Italy I would not be surprised if the voodoo [cult] takes root,” another tweet stated.

Someone even advised Salvini to claim the rights for the commercial use of his image in a bid to upset his haters by claiming some of their profits.

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