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Gunmen kidnap Swiss national in southern Nigeria

Nigerian gunmen have kidnapped a Swiss national after opening fire on his police escort in the southwest of the country, police said on Sunday. Kidnappings occur mostly in the northwest and central states of Nigeria where heavily armed criminal gangs operate and foreign workers are also occasionally targeted for abduction …

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Swiss vote on tax hikes to tackle climate change

Swiss voters are casting ballots in a referendum on a proposed “carbon dioxide law” that would hike fees and taxes on fuels that produce greenhouse gases, as their Alpine country experiences an outsized impact from the fallout of climate change. The proposal would revise and strengthen an existing law that …

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Nestlé launches luxury KitKat bars.

“In the United States, KitKat bars are made by Hershey under license from Nestlé.” Swiss chocolate giant Nestlé has announced a luxury, handcrafted version of the popular chocolate bar for the United Kingdom, in time for the Christmas season. The opulent eight-finger bar allows customers to choose from 1,500 flavor …

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